Demolition installation service water heater


Expert technician service


  • Installed by skilled technicians
  • This price includes installation labor.
  • Provided by a technician
  • service area Chiang Mai Province
  • Wiring depends on the job site.

Terms of Service

  • The installation is carried out in accordance with the safety standards of the product manufacturer. without modification that may cause harm
  • The site must have the area ready before installation, such as water pipes, wiring, breakers, floor and wall tiling. (In case of no tiling should be plastered to decorate the wall surface neatly)
  • In the event that the site cannot be installed The technician team will consider adjusting the area. at an additional cost Additional service fees can be paid to the technician at the event site.
  • In case of adjusting the new work area Please check the model and size of the water heater. To prepare water pipes, wires, breakers, appropriately
  • This price does not include the installation of a rain shower (additional cost will be required in case of installation).